A place where we can meet

1st May 2019 0 By Marie

For a while I’ve had this idea that I want to create a platform focusing on wellness, where people can be inspired, maybe learn something new and meet others who have the same interests.

A place that takes into consideration both body, mind and spirit (whatever you might call this part that’s both within everyone and also all around us).

Where you can find information ranging from scientific research to your own, personal experiences that might not be easily explained but are still very true for you and hopefully will resonate with someone else.

My vision is for you to find tools that can support you in living a healthier life, ways of changing your mind to better support you and find that inner power that can have you create pretty much anything you want.

Until I get all this going, you can follow my blog on www.mindtolife-blog, lately mostly about my journey through chemo therapy and how I work on handling my sweet but “bad dog” Winston.